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Fun with dick and jane 1977 film

This stuff is funny enough, but somehow it's too easy. It's situation comedy, when the movie's earlier moments seemed to be promising us a hard-boiled commentary Just another mid's social comedy that comes enticingly close to actually baring its teeth, but ultimately favors sitcom silliness over smart satire.

Movie review: ‘Fun with Dick and Jane’ (1977)

I liked this movie for the most part, there are a lot big black nude boobs funny scenes, but it also has lulls in the story.

It could have been better, and surprisingly the remake was better. Jane Fonda and George Segal have an easy going charm and likeability that's at the core of this light comedy, but opportunities for wit and social satire are glossed over by a toothless script. More Top Movies Trailers Forums.

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