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Frenulum breve unable penetrate

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Frenulum breve unable penetrate . Porn galleries.

I breve had an active sex life, cum aflu i sometimes experience some penetrate on entry if i frenulum use lube, or if i am being masturbated by my girlfirend, sometimes i flinch if the foreskin comes back too far. I went to see a urologist, and he said i need an op to cut the frenulum and re-sow lower down. Has anyone had this op?

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Does breve foreskin still roll back on its own? I penetrate told the frenulum is like a g-spot for men but mine is painfull when aural sex is performed on me.

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I have never been in hospital for anything, so i am wondering if i need this op? Notify me of new activity on this question.

Frenulum Breve

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