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Para se enteder um pouco mais sobre o projeto pode-se visitar o site de noticias: I have produced nearly 28 comix and am doing most of the work. I'm looking for a professional comic book artist with great work ethic.

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I am creating this comic series called: Trap Comix in which I will be releasing a new comic strip every Friday at adult to my Instagram followers to give them something to laugh at. I also own a comicx line and sell other branded merchandise.

This comic series is going to add comicx. Along with writing the comixI'm also curating all pages by different artists into the 30 pages that'll make up the book. Who knows, free I really dig your style, I could have you do multiple pages.


I'm looking for folks that comicx pencil and adult ink, and in the vein of indie comixa la Ghost Asian topless swimsuit, Eightball, American. Hi adult one I need some one who can draw real characters in comix style.

I have between 10 to 20 characters need to be drawn.

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I have a template that must be followed exactly in free. Please visit [login to free URL] and explore the site before responding to this email.