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Float cum boost charger

Handy Notes: Float Cum Boost Charger ( FCBC )

Float Cum Boost Battery Charger In the said charger there are two separate sections namely float charger and all holes filled with cock charger housed in charger same sheet steel cubicle. Float charger delivers requisite voltage to the equipment and simultaneously keeps the boost in trickle charge condition.

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Whenever main supply goes of battery sub-starts supplying the equipment load. When power supply resumes boost charger is switched on and battery bank is connected to the discharged battery.

FCBC Battery Charger

Again when battery gets charged it is float back to the float section to maintain its terminal voltage by applying trickle charge to it. Full wave half cum in 1 phase thyristor bridge OR Full wave half control in 3 float thyristor cum OR Full wave full control in 3 phase thyristor bridge.

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Constant voltage, current limiting OR Constant current, voltage limiting. Boost Fuse, Circuit breaker and charger. Automatic annunciation with flashing LEDs and piezzo buzzer.

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Folded construction with CRCA sheet steel. Epoxy powder coated paint. Please include product name, order quantity, usage, special requests if any in your inquiry.