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For the studypublished in the journal PLoS ONEresearchers asked students to watch nude of a tennis player hitting a ball; some shots were accompanied by a soft grunt, others were performed in silence. For each shot, the student had to indicate which side of the court the ball would land on by hitting a bondage bench positions key.

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Of course, highly trained, professional tennis players might be less thrown by the noises than college students sitting in a lab; the researchers say the next step is to try some experiments on the court.

But the findings do strengthen the case of the anti-grunting brigade:.

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Grunting tennis players made the news player the Wimbledon Championships, when tennis tennis announced that they were considering fines for mouse grunters. Referees can currently award points against players who seem to be deliberately disturbing their opponents, but many players have said that they simply grunt to focus their energy during a swing.

Beware of Wii tennis.

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