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Epiphone ej200 ebay

Gibson Epiphone Ej200 Artist Sunburst Jumbo Maple Acoustic Guitar

This is my first Jumbo size acoustic guitar. The ej200 is a beautiful instrument with angelic tone yet robust enough to fill a room.

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Suitable for many styles of music. The action is good for a picker or a strummer.

Epiphone Ej-200 Jumbo Acoustic Guitar Ej200 Burst

Slide players would probably want something with higher action. Ebay tuners themselves have the feel of a precision instrument. They operate extremely smooth and stay in tune very well.

Every acoustic quiver should have at least one Jumbo guitar.

Epiphone Ej SCE Black - | eBay

These are very economically priced guitars worthy of being the pride of epiphone fleet. I bought this particular guitar in preparation for a Neil Diamond tribute show.

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It is the least expensive guitar that looks like his signature model.