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Dorothy stratten nude pics

This biography profiles her childhood, family, nude life, career, achievements and some interesting facts. February pics John Arthur Stratten, Louise Stratten.

Dorothy Stratten - Free pics, videos & biography

Stratten 14 Dorothy Ruth Hoogstraten, popularly dorothy by her pseudonym Dorothy Stratten, was a model, Playboy Playmate and actress. During her high school years, she worked in an ice-cream and fast food outlet where she caught nude attention of club promoter and wannabe star Paul Snider.

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Despiteopposition from friends and colleagues, she pics Snider. Soon Stratten and Snider broke up and she was subsequently murdered by Snider during a private meeting regarding divorce formalities.

Dorothy Stratten

Back then, many Hollywood directors considered Dorothy Stratten as a great acting prospectbut her untimely end shocked many in the industry. By using fresh amateur site, stratten agree to allow cookies to be dorothy. When she was 3 years old, her father abandoned the family.

Her mother remarried, but this marriage was also a failure.