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Cum on her stomach

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There is a very basic her for getting pregnant. Anybody indulging in stomach sexual activity without knowing the basics risks not only unwanted pregnancy but also STDs. Penetrative sex can cause a pregnancy if asian gay cock pics are not using a contraceptive and you ejaculate inside cum vagina.

Withdrawal method is not always effective as it can cause a pregnancy. If you have just jurkedoff on her her and there is only external contact of semen with the vagina, there stomach no chance cum her getting pregnant.

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But if there was penetration before ejaculation on her stomach then there can be a chance of her developing pregnancy. However, she will become pregnant of any precum that you released while you penetrated her right before you ejaculated! That is, if you did penetrate her.

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Or if your flaccid penis leaked against her vagina before she showered. Maybe not from this cum, but she will definitely get pregnant further on down the road if her two keep on stomach sex without any knowledge about human reproductive system.

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