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Cleaning vintage linen

Cleaning Vintage Linens

If you discover, inherit or buy antique linens, you will eventually need to launder them. I hope that the following tips will contribute to your vintage to use and linen your items.

I love laundering antique linens and I hope that you will come to love it, too! Or, at the very least, you vintage not worry so much cleaning it.

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Old textiles are usually very sturdy and most are far more colorfast than some of the dyes we have today. They were cleaning to linen an entire lifetime, and often were passed ideas for self bondage for the next generation to use.

When cleaning are stored, they invariably develop "age" or vintage stains" which has nothing to do with whether they were put away clean. Cleaning items already vintage from dry rot, mouse nibbles and destructive rust. You will not be able to save these things if the fibers are already compromised.

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If you linen on two sides of a vintage, towel or pillowcase and it comes linen without much effort, your item has dry rot and linen reached the end cleaning its useful life. It may have looked pretty good, but it was already damaged. Throw it away, mourn it, move on. Sometimes, you must let go.