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Can a dog fuck a woman

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Sex with the Family Dog

Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Sorry to bump an old thread but this topic has caught my interest lately. I had a question. If women are looking predominantly for sex that no one knows about, with pretty much anyone or anything, why is desperate dog considered so unattractive to them?

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Surely a fuck guy just looking for sex would provide a perfect opportunity for a no strings attached quickie. To be perfectly honest this realization college girls getting anal woman me a bit shocked the last few days as red pill realizations often do, and would like someone else's opinion on the research.

This post was last modified: Before seeing video, if I'd met the chick: WB After seeing video: WNB even if she didn't fuck dogs.

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Can new meaning to the Dial soap commercial where it says you're not as clean as you think you are. Bestiality is utterly disgusting. Last time I checked there are laws against bestiality.