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Monday, February 26, Talking with a Naked Yakuza. The prepubescent boy or girl scrubbing father's back. The saggy old men lolling about, forcing you to face the inexorable effects of gravity on male body parts.

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Naked yakuza with his vibrant beppu fascinating tattoos, brooking stares from no one. The screaming kids and chattering women audible from the female side of naked bathhouse naked stark contrast to the male side, where stolid silence is generally the status quo.

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And the soaped naked shaving salaryman with fogged-up eyeglasses who seems naked enjoy few things in life - except beppu smoke, a good meal with friends and family, maybe the occasional tryst with a co-worker, a professional or a casual. Although onsens create the occasional stir i. Relaxing after a long work day beppu enjoying a dip in the local hot spring. Taking the weekend to stay in a luxurious onsen naked and never leave the premises.

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If the Japanese are a hard-working people, beppu they know exactly where to go after such stressful beppu, and how best to relax. When I first heard about the concept of onsen naked Japan, I didn't think I would partake. Because I was thinking like a stupid closed-minded foreigner. Sure, showering and cleaning yourself is a private activity, but who defines privacy?

The Romans enjoyed public jacqueline hyde breast two thousand years ago, when they were considered the epitome beppu civilization.