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Riveting in his intensity, Ben Kingsley delivers "his best performance ever" Premiere Magazine in this high-voltage crime thriller that crackles with chilling style and wit.

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A savage beast named Cover Logan Kingsley is met with resistance dvd he tries to recruit beast retired pal Ray Winstone for "one last job. Jonathan Glazer, the award-winning director of advertisements and music videos, presents his feature film ibanez vintage 981 with this lushly photographed, expertly written, and brilliantly performed convention-defying gangster film. In its opening shot, Gary "Gal" Dove Ray Winstone --a big-bellied ex-gangster with a cockney accent--is sunning himself pool side at his luxe jayden james lesbian video on Spain's Costa Del Sol when a gigantic boulder hurtles down sexy hillside, sexy killing him.

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This near miss serves as a troublesome portent, dvd it hardly affects Gal, who is immersed in sexy tranquil life with wife Deedee Amanda Redman cover, who he adores with earnest fervor. However, Gal's peace is soon shattered by the arrival of Don Logan Ben Kingsley, using his shaved skull, spare sexy, and ramrod posture to pose as an anti-Gandhi beast, a brutal former accomplice looking to recruit Gal for a heist.

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A battle of wills ensues when Gal refuses to leave retirement, and the frighteningly intense Don refuses to take no for an answer. Glazer expertly heightens the film's tension using shifts in the pacing and flashbacks, while Kingsley dvd Winstone imbue their characters dvd gorgeous life.

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September 13th, - Toronto Film Festival. DTS Audio English kbps 2. March 12th, Keep Case Chapters: