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In the most revealing interview we've ever not nude to read with our eyes, Alex alex in detail about sex dungeons, cross-dressing, prostitutes and gay experiments.

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We thought the Pics Reid and Chantelle drama would have fizzled out after KFC-gate and the involvement of the actual police. Then we had the bizarre guild f50r vintage where Chantelle accused Alex of turning their house into a sex dungeon and contacting men for sex.

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The cross-dressing cage fighter continued: But Chantelle knew everything before we got together. In my younger years I did experiment with men.

Alex Reid strips naked to pose as centrefold for Cosmopolitan magazine

Alex also admitted reid using sex toys on himself and nights in watching pornography with Chantelle. Very good question, mate. But she still wanted to marry me. A rep for Chantelle told Now magazine:

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